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Krishnam Healthcare have been incorporated on 12th August, 2011 with main object to carry on the business in India or elsewhere to manufacture, produce, export, import, buy, sell, fabricate, discover, design, process, investigate, store, formulate, install, repair, maintain, recondition, turn to account, exchange, sponsor, distribute or otherwise to deal in all sorts of medicines, pharmaceuticals, injections, drugs, nutrition, formulations.

We very well understand the needs of human body and bridging the gap between deficiency and needs by providing Herbal range of the products and touching lives with success.

We have pledge to strengthen society and build a strong nation. We also adhere to provide quality range of products. As we strongly belief that, growth is never possible with lapses, so we are committed to offer a healing touch through good quality Herbal range of the products.

Our quality department  monitors all stages of production analysis and warehousing they managed by qualified personnel  constantly examines quality consideration – performing systematic sampling and testing at every stage from raw materials.

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Herbal medicine is science of medicine that uses plants and their extracts for curing ailments whereas ayurveda is a centuries old Hindu science of therapeutics that involves the use of medicinal plant extracts along with metal extractions, massages, etc.

A Healing Touch

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